Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lunch@ Corp.Bkg

2 hari lepas, we had organize lunch for all Corp Bkg. staff..actually programme ni dah lama di rancang,tp dek kerna byk betul hal nyer...lepas satu,satu..programme kat opis ni tak, finally sebelum "terlupa" or buat2 lupa...ha ha ..sepakat pilih end March 2010.. this time, about 38 staff have been promoted by our management (including me..alhamdulillah.. )..kiranyer all level la naik..tangga 1 naik 2, 2 naik 3..n mcm2 tangga ler.... so, sepakat pilih catering dari Banana Cafe (yg one of the director is Zang Toi- fashion designer yg top tu ler..) ni I sendiri p interview the workers tau...ha ha include the deco n foods...not bad..nothing much i can say.. n coincidence lak, our Head of Corporate Banking, Ms Tracy Ong is going for early retirement, so mkn2 ni dah jadi 2 in 1 nyer majlis...guess what's the present she got from us??...latest design frm LV..!!! kelassss lagik..... diterbangkan khas from France..she choose the colour.. ..many happy thanks to everybody who really enjoyed the food on that day...